tuesday trending: an early look at autumn/winter 2016/17

Do you like to pre-plan your colour palettes and décor choices for future seasons? Lenzing provides a preliminary look at colour trends for autumn/winter 2016/2017, using Pantone colours from the FASHION + HOME colour system, with Urban Nobility, Playful Simple, and Soft Power, offering an array of muted and saturated colours, both bold and more subdued.

Urban Nobility

tuesday trending: an early look at autumn/winter 2016/17 | @meccinteriors | design bites

Lenzing: Urban Nobility

“Grab the city. Inventive in a concrete world. Inspired perception of your neighbourhood.”

Playful Simple

tuesday trending: an early look at autumn/winter 2016/17 | @meccinteriors | design bites

Lenzing: Playful Simple

“Serious playfulness. Intuitive order. Instinctive insight. Childlike choosing. From the heart. Spontaneous living.”

Soft Power

tuesday trending: an early look at autumn/winter 2016/17 | @meccinteriors | design bites

Lenzing: Soft Power

“Feminity. A new softness. Strength in caring. Vitality in sharing. Responsive and daring. Courage to be sensitive.”

Pantone themselves have this to say about autumn/winter 2016/2017:

For Autumn/Winter 2016/17 we explore colour that is “real” and “unreal,” absent and present and a mixology of what is in between. We are polarized between colours that are simple, honest and unassuming and stronger more saturated tones that make a bold statement. For those in the middle? A third platform of colour that connects and bridges our desire to be sober or intoxicated, quiet or loud – or both at the same time.

tuesday trending: an early look at autumn/winter 2016/17 | @meccinteriors | design bites

reveal… A/W 2016/2017

Just as the current direction in lifestyle fashion reflects a genuine polarization, colour stories for 2016/17 display a contrast between colour that is “real” and “unreal,” absent and present and a mixology of what is in between. We are divided between more modest and unpretentious shades and stronger, more saturated tones that make a bold statement. For those in the middle? A third platform of colour that connects and bridges our desire to be sober or intoxicated, quiet or loud – or both at the same time.

“We find this idea of absence and presence, obscuring and revealing, very relevant not only when it comes to colour, but also in the way we live our everyday lives,” said Laurie Pressman, vice president, Pantone Color Institute®. “On one hand, there is this wish to return to the simple, honest and unassuming, and on the flip side, a continuing presence of maximalist and a deep desire to stand out and be seen.”



Newly appreciated as a prestige colour, black is the pulsating force behind the forecast and the perfect canvas on which other colours are revealed.


Appearing in cool and warm guises, white is important because of its properties as opposed to its actual colour.


tuesday trending: an early look at autumn/winter 2016/17 | @meccinteriors | design bites

Pantone Greys

Essential to the palette, greys stretch across a variety of hues, warm and natural, muted and hard.


This season, greens take two directions: the first is a more yellowish and olive-oil-led direction while the second is cooler, sometimes glassy, but also more mineral, cool and Nordic.


Reminding us of light and radiance, yellows are important this season because of their warming presence and their effects on surface and texture.



Now suffused with spicy hues, shades in the orange family display influences of caramel, cinnamon and saffron.


Penetrating all levels of design, purples, in a variety of berry colours are now a lifestyle as opposed to a fashion shade and is critical to this season’s palette.


Becoming more sophisticated, blues move away from the more classic indigo shades to those that are infused with grey or green.


From nutmeg and tan to the red infused winey red browns, the browns continue to be very important across all materials and surfaces.


tuesday trending: an early look at autumn/winter 2016/17 | @meccinteriors | design bites

Varier Furniture

A safe option for those looking to add bright colour, red is a well-received and well-understood pop colour that is being combined in new ways.


Pastel shades leap from nuanced neutrals to stronger and more assertive colour.


Metallics remain important; however this season they are as pragmatic as they are decorative, combining with light or texture to enhance, bring movement and textural dimension

tuesday trending: spring / summer 2016 colour inspirations from csi

Spring Forward even further, to 2016, and take a look at next year’s palettes, courtesy of ColorWorld by Color Solutions International.


A little bit of dainty elegance, a dash of glamorous appeal, a drop of playful charm. Life is about beauty and kindness…

spring / summer 2016 colour inspirations from csi | @meccinteriors | design bites

Saunter | SS16

Citrusy tones of yellow and coral, infused with dazzling fuchsia, fiery red and vivid turquoise, create a warm youthful ambiance. Endless colour combinations, bright accents, floral prints, soft fabrics, create a kaleidoscope of possibilities for one’s creative mind.

Cobalt Skies

Some of us believe that mystical powers are moving and directing us in mysterious ways. And we do feel that all nature’s creations are sacred… We crave eternal youth and believe that beauty is [a] reflection of the soul… The fragile beauty of exotic flowers appeals to us with its magnetic charm, but we are as equally attracted to the dark power of the stormy cobalt skies.

spring / summer 2016 colour inspirations from csi | @meccinteriors | design bites

Cobalt Skies | SS16

Delicate tones of lavender, pink and aqua, connect beautifully with the deep saturated shades of blue and turquoise. Dark maroon is added to shift the cool intensity of the palette in more sensual direction.


There is a new class of people… shaping the modern world – multilingual, broad-minded, free-spirited cosmopolitans… They are hungry to know about the world and travel not for leisure, but to connect with different cultures and people on a deeper, more spiritual level. They are gatherers of inspiring human stories that resonate deep into their souls, a new generation of storytellers and explorers, which are on a constant quest for self-mastery.

spring / summer 2016 colour inspirations from csi | @meccinteriors | design bites


The atmosphere of positive energy in the palette is carried by a vibrant array of yellows and orange. The lighter tonals soften the overall feel and make the colour scheme more elegant and harmonious. The cobalt blue and earthy red are added to bring an interesting contrast and are primarily intended as accent colours.


Life is a string of beginnings and every day is a prelude to something new. We cherish the early mornings as a time to reflect on our thoughts and desires. We are not afraid to call ourselves romantic and immerse into that sudden flow of inspiration, which only comes in moments of perfect solitude. Seeking harmony and peace, preparing things in the quietest and most elegant manner, is one way to show our love and gratitude to be alive.

spring / summer 2016 colour inspirations from csi | @meccinteriors | design bites


Tender greens contribute to the organic appeal of this colour palette. The neutrals are rich and carry a warm earthy feel. Botanical prints, natural fibres, nature-inspired elements, accessorizing with wood and gemstones, could add some interesting touches to the final concept.

Cargos & Linen

There is a certain poetic mood setting up as one walks on the docks of the old industrial towns, looking at the abandoned heavy machinery, desolate riverbanks, and the uninhabited factory buildings standing as ancient relics. A creative mind can definitely understand the charm in such a scenery. There is so much history… [a] romantic appeal… There are new visionaries now, which see them not as old fading ruins from the past, but as objects with character and a story, waiting for a transformation and new life. Fragments which we pick to build something new and unique, something with redefined meaning and purpose.

spring / summer 2016 colour inspirations from csi | @meccinteriors | design bites

Cargos & Linen

The colours in this palette are darker for the season, but they are envisioned to be used on lightweight fabrics, with a comfortable soft feel, fabrics like cotton and linen. Workwear blue, raw neutrals, and rusty red are timeless and elegant. The prints, if any, are not elaborate, but simple and casual, so they don’t take away from the overall look of the design.

As an added bonus, here are seven more trending colour palettes for Spring/Summer 2016, courtesy of Trend Council.

spring / summer 2016 colour inspirations from csi | @meccinteriors | design bites

Trend Council Spring/Summer 2016


cil paint culinary collection

You may have heard that the colour that surrounds you while you dine impacts and/or enhances your eating experience. Since an increasing number of people most often eat in their kitchens rather than their dining rooms, kitchen colour selection is more important than ever. As such, CIL has introduced a Culinary Collection.

From CIL:

This collection celebrates a return of colour that brightens the still so popular white kitchen, adds zest to modern decor, warms up country style, and helps to make smaller spaces feel roomier.

cil paint culinary collection | @meccinteriors | design bites

CIL paint Culinary Collection

“White kitchens have been trending for a number of years, but now we’re seeing a resurgence of colour in the kitchen, from cabinetry to counters to walls,” said Alison Goldman, brand manager for CIL paint, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings, crediting the revival to current rich-in-colour bohemian, retro, and return-to-nature trends in home decor.

cil paint culinary collection | @meccinteriors | design bites

Grey – such as Barley Beige by CIL paint, pictured – is a popular choice for any room in the house, and works especially well in a kitchen with stainless steel appliances. (via Canadian Interiors)

“The kitchen is the most-used room in the house and the area where family and friends tend to gather, so it’s the perfect place to add colour and personality to a home,” Goldman said. Still, it’s important to choose kitchen colours wisely, she cautioned, as some are better suited for this multipurpose environment than others.

cil paint culinary collection | @meccinteriors | design bites

Make a small space appear larger by using colours with similar tonal value – such as Peach Punch orange and Citrus Fruit green from CIL paint – pictured on the walls of this kitchen. (via Canadian Interiors)

“Warm, uplifting colours, such as yellow, red and orange, and soft shades of grey, violet, blue, and green, are known to be more conducive to appetite-building, entertaining and conversation,” she said, explaining that CIL paint took these findings into account when developing its new palette.

cil paint culinary collection | @meccinteriors | design bites

Create a welcoming feel in a kitchen with wood cabinetry by painting the walls a cozy shade of warm orange, such as Persimmon Berry by CIL paint, featured on the walls of this room. (via Canadian Interiors)

“No matter what the look or size of your space, the collection has a colour recipe for everyone,” Goldman said.

Modern Kitchens

cil paint culinary collection | @meccinteriors | design bites

The continuing popularity of grey in home decor serves well in the kitchen too, working alongside stainless steel appliances and accents. Start with a grey such as Oyster Bay or Barley Beige, then accent this neutral with your favourite pop of colour in a feature wall, on the backs of the cabinets or in your accessories.

Country Kitchens

cil paint culinary collection | @meccinteriors | design bites

Burnt Pumpkin, Persimmon Berry, and Cabbage Patch are all homey colours that work well with wood elements in a country kitchen. Not sure which colour will work? Look for the undertone of your wood and choose a paint colour with a similar feel: for golden, orange or reddish undertones, choose a warm-toned wall colour; for grey or cool undertones, choose a cool colour like blue or green.

Small Kitchens

cil paint culinary collection | @meccinteriors | design bites

Minimizing the contrast between colours in your small kitchen will help to make it appear larger. Peach Punch, Ripe Banana, and Citrus Fruit are all of similar tonal value but add a zesty bit of colour to a small space. Or choose colours that are beside each other on the same colour chip, automatically lowering the contrast between the two shades.

Windowless Kitchens

cil paint culinary collection | @meccinteriors | design bites

Even without any natural light you can bring some brightness of the outdoors in with a soft yellow like Citron Ice. Add a variety of lighting types, including under-cabinet lights, pot lights, and other overhead lighting, and use high gloss white paint on doors and trim to reflect the existing light.

cil paint culinary collection | @meccinteriors | design bites“When choosing paint colours, take into account the colour and design of your cabinetry, countertops, tiles, moulding, appliances, lighting and flooring,” Goldman said. “And remember that paint isn’t just for walls – freshly-painted cabinets, tables, chairs and other decorative objects go a long way in helping to create a spectacular kitchen decor.”

What colour is your kitchen?