DWR’s Classic of Tomorrow – the Innermix Desk

Design Within Reach (DWR) and Dwell on Design recently held a Live/Work Contest.  The concept was simple enough: design a live/work staple item that would become a “classic of tomorrow” and be worthy of being sold at DWR.

The contest received an amazing 587 entries before being whittled down to ten (10) finalists, and then again down to five (5).

Amanda Ip’s Innermix Desk features strong, clean lines and an element of playfulness through the use of bold colour. Look for it at DWR in the not too distant future.

Amanda Ip won with her Innermix Desk.  Innermix is a simple desk design with integrated storage; the allotted space for files, pens, etc. does not impede the large desk surface.

Float Desk designed by Dario Antonioni. I love the lines of this piece and could also see it making a great statement in a small entry hall, providing a place to stash keys, etc. while also displaying photos or flowers.

Pippa Desk designed by Ian Godfrey.

Of the finalists, many favoured desk spaces that would meld with a home environment.  The designs of the other four (4) finalists are shown both above and below.

Hold on Tight Shelf designed by Colleen Whiteley.

Travois Desk designed by Tyler Russell. I’m not sure how, or if, Travois is affixed to the wall. It almost looks like you could simply fold the desk up and tuck it away when not in use.

2 thoughts on “DWR’s Classic of Tomorrow – the Innermix Desk

  1. jwyattacupuncture says:

    The Float desk would be a great option in a medical clinic for practitioners who want to incorporate electronic charting.


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